Responsible tourism

We believe in the principles of responsible tourism which includes the following Components

  • Small groups which ensures the integrity of the tour and provides a better experience.
  • Low impact on the environment and local inhabitants
  • Cultural values and tradition
  • Local community involvement

Educational Tour

Ethiopia is the oldest independent country in Africa with outstanding historical and cultural attractions. It has splendid geographical landscape, magnificient lakes, different floras and faunas, Extensive national parks and active volcano. All these endowments make Ethiopia the main destination for educational tour and research.

          We offer:-

  1. Cultural and historical tours
  2. Ecological tours
  3. Botanical tours
  4. Ornithological tours

Our philosophy

We believe that, the local community should be beneficiary from tourism so that it will be an incentive for them to protect and conserve the environment. Some percent of our income benefits the local community through community based development works.

News & Events

Environment days

Our company believes that experience sharing and creating awareness
about environment through capacity building of the local people are the
weapons to struggle against environmental problems. And we celebrate

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